Did You Know?

1) One World Trade Center has 70 elevators and 11 escalators.
2) 9/11 Memorial has 7 elevators and 5 escalators.
3) Custom car-top and car-bottom shrouds will direct air around the cab in 25 elevators. The cars will include a unique work platform suspended below the main cab to allow service personnel to work on the bottom roller guides and the car safety.
4) Another specialized feature exclusive to One World Trade Center is the corner post application. It is a fireman’s service elevator that is in a pressurized shaft. There are 87 front and 87 side openings. The side openings open in to a pressurized lobby on all floors and only operate during a fire emergency.
5) All non-service cars in the building will feature Destination Dispatch.
The 5-car service bank serves a maximum of 89 landings. Due to the large number of floors required, a keypad and LCD panel will be provided inside each cab, in lieu of individual floor car call buttons.
6) All elevators will be inter-connected on an Ethernet network installed by TKE. The network will allow service personnel to monitor all cars in the building, in real-time, from inside any cab, in any machine room, or by building personnel at multiple locations.