Home Accessibility


Braun ThyssenKrupp Elevator LLP accessibility division has a stairway lift, vertical platform lift and variety of elevators for every application. A stairway lift helps free you from mobility barriers in every area inside your home. You can get a stairway lift in a variety of models tailored to your budget and needs. With the ability to climb steep angles and even around corners, your stairway lift will take you almost anywhere!

Our accessibility division also has a line of residential elevators that will increase the value of your home while providing an easy way to carry groceries, laundry or anything else floor to floor. Residential elevators are quickly becoming the next must-have amenity in a new home.Home Elevators were an essential amenity to 94,000 homeowners last year, and that number of residential elevators grows as builders and buyers discover the advantages:

  • Residential Elevators are a great investment, letting you age with your home never sacrificing access
  • Residential Elevators don’t cost as much as you may think
  • Residential Elevators are available in many finishes including beautiful hardwood.
  • Residential Elevators are an efficient use of land
  • Residential Elevators increase the value of a home as much as 10%

Residential elevators are a great addition to any multi-story home. Your residential elevators will brings a touch of luxury to your home. The top models of home elevators can be fully customizable. You can have almost anything you dream in these residential elevators, from marble walls to stained glass, these home elevators are a unique expression of you! LULA elevators are also available from the Home Accessibility Division of Braun ThyssenKrupp Elevator LLP. Limited Use, Limited Access elevators have a larger weight capacity then the residential home elevator. They are suitable for a residential or commercial applications. Let our Home Accessibility Project Manager help you decide on which product is best for you. Though Braun ThyssenKrupp Elevator LL installs and services ultramodern home elevators, stairway lifts and vertical platform lifts, we still consider ourselves a one-on-one partner with our customers.Whether buying a stairway lifts, vertical platform lifts, or home elevators, Braun ThyssenKrupp Elevator customers are guaranteed to get:

  • Knowledgeable project managers who will work closely with your architect, contractor or home design team to guarantee the best application for your home.
  • Expert installers, widely considered top in the industry, get your home elevator, stairway lifts or vertical platform lifts running, and they will be in and out of your home, church or office quickly.
  • Expert service technical staff who knows your equipment and therefore can repair your home elevator, stairway lift or vertical platform lift back in working order as quickly as possible.